Healing for My Sista: Sistahood
Healing for My Sista: Sistahood
Rose Jones

Healing for My Sistas



            Healing for My Sista-Sistahood

Are you sick of acting like you're okay when you're not?

I’m here to tell you that it is ok, not to be ok! I had to learn this the hard way 

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Let me tell you a quick story about when I used to go to my car, just to cry. I believe that crying was a sign of weakness.

 At the time I have just gotten out of an abusive relationship, and I was trying to find myself again.  

I was struggling with expressing myself, being vulnerable and opening up about what happened to me. 

And I was getting more and more frustrated with myself and scared that I will never be able to heal, that will always be that broken person that is always on defense. 

 Then the bottom fell out from under me when I woke up one morning, I hit my capacity   I couldn’t fake it anymore, I couldn’t be strong anymore, I finally cracked open everything made me cry, I was overflowed with emotions 

Which meant I couldn't do anything,  I couldn’t let people see me like this,  I was so afraid of what my family and friends would say, they only known as being that tough strong person, so I isolated myself for about 6 months, I ignore phone calls, acted like I wasn’t home, I was literally pushing everyone away,

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on myself.

Then, I heard a song by Jessie J called "Who You Are". (this let me know that it's okay not to be okay) For the first time in my life, someone was telling me to cry; Telling me to let it out. Telling me to be vulnerable.

After hearing the song, I allow myself to not be okay, and that decision changed my life!

I discovered:

  • That I deserve to be loved at my highest  and my lowest 

  • That my tears don’t make me weak, my tears are valuable, and they provide me an opportunity to release build-up stress, pain, or happiness

  • That I’m not the only person that can catch me when I’m falling, having the right support system around me is very important

Because I decided that it's ok, not to be ok, I was able to:

  • Be free, no more hiding

  • Start to let trust me and the people with the vulnerable parts of me 

  • Learn to express “myself” openly 

  • I now cry in public, my tears are a sign of growth and strength 

  • Most importantly I started to heal that little girl in me that had been neglected for so long

Now I'm able to heal myself in a way that is beneficial for me, and I never have to worry about hiding my tears ever again. 

And that's why I'm so passionate about "Healing for my Sista". 

Because this sisterhood will  

  •  Helps you create a more loving relationship with yourself

  • Gives you permission to heal at your own pace and in the way that you want to without judgment

  • Helps you become more aware of  your blockages and how to release them

  • Helps you become more conscious of your choices 

  •  Teaches you how to value yourself

  • Helps you create meaningful connections

  • Provides you with guidance, support, and encourage

Who is” Healing for my Sista” for

Healing for My Sista -Sistahood is a community for women who have experienced or are suffering from trauma from an abusive relationship or childhood experiences; that is in the beginning stages of the self-healing process to create a sisterhood of women who can help guide each other during this process of self-healing, and also get the support, education and learn the skills that are needed so that we can be able to love ourselves, heal properly,  fully show up in our lives.

  • A caring, supportive community of women – ready and willing to support, encourage you, and wipe your tears if needed. 

  • Monthly pour-out session – A safe place to come together to pour out your worries, troubles, pain, and self-doubts and get filled with hope, love, and comfort.

  • A safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story, and be celebrated

  • Awareness Corner – is a group where we will educate you on domestic violence, trauma, and mental health. In this group, you will get articles, videos, and resources.

  • Toolkit – Each month, we will focus on a new skill or tool that will be useful in your self-healing process. These tools will come in the form of a video, a guide, or a worksheet. Each video, guide, and worksheet is focused on the skills and tools you need in the beginning stages of your self-healing process. You will also get live coaching at the end of the month to answer questions or provide additional help and support.

Committed to the Process Masterclass 

worth $497,

where you will learn about: 

  1. Roles and Expectations 

    • You will learn how to identify roles and expectations limiting your growth and create more reasonable roles and expectations that align with the person you are becoming.

  2. What is your Unconscious mind? 

    • You will understand what your unconscious mind is doing and how your unconscious mind sabotages your growth. How to start to exchange unconscious thought for conscious thought.

  3. Rewiring your Limited belief 

    • How to rewire your limited belief in self-love and how to create ideas that support you in your self-love journey.

  4. Breaking unhealthy Patterns 

    • How to Identify unhealthy patterns and how to stop unhealthy patterns 

  5. “What Do You Really Want” 

    •  How to Identify what you want when it comes to self-love. Identify why you started this self-love journey and how to get what you want.

And you'll also get a

  • "Becoming a Better Me Planner". This planner helps you plan out your month, map out the steps you need to take, and the resources you may need, identify the obstacles you may face, and also helps you do daily check-in.

            (worth $15) for FREE . . .

  • "Making Small Shifts Mindset Journal". This journal gives you 30 days of very simple journaling props to help you shift your mindset, a little bit at a time so that you don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed.
    (worth $15) for FREE . . .

Plus, you'll get

  • "Changing your Mindset Exercise". There are 12 weeks of exercise that will challenge your current mindset, these exercises will target your negative self-talk, your limiting beliefs, perspective, your community, and the way you view yourself and help you to build positive new skills and habits that will benefit you I’m healing process. 

            (worth $25) for FREE . . .

That is not it, you also get a monthly

  • "Pour-out session" is a session that helps you to release blockages in your life, It gives you permission to feel your emotions, it also helps to start to reflect on what you truly want to see, feel, and be and it also gives you an option to chooses where you go from here! The purpose of this session is to let you know that it's ok, not be ok and you don’t have to rush or push yourself to be ok, these sessions will help you become aware of those blockages, pain, frustrations, hurt, the guilt and allow you to choose what you do with them and to remind you that you will still be loved regardless of choice. 

              (worth $149 per session) for FREE . . . 

You'll be getting all the "works"(worth $701)


I created this sistahood because I know how it feels to be in an abusive relationship, to be raped, abused, and neglected as a child, to suffer in silence with no help or support, to feel overwhelmed, confused, lost, unworthy, and not enough. I also know how it feels to pull yourself out of a dark place, rebuild, and fight for peace within yourself. The worst part is that  I struggled alone and rebuilt alone.

 I don't want to see my Sista fighting a battle alone when you have Sistas who can guide, support, and love you. I know if I  had the support  I needed, maybe it wouldn't have taken me  3 abusive relationships to realize that I deserve better; if I had someone to show me what real love looks like, I would have loved myself and been able to make it better choices. I want to give you, my sista, something you truly need – A Sistahood.

  • It gives a sense of belongingness 💝 – You're alone no more. 

  • Provides you with support 🙌 – You don't have to hold it all. 

  • Give you comfort 🤗 – No more worry about being judged. 

  • Guidance ✔ – No more trying to figure it out alone.

  • Sista Love ❣️ – Unconditional love, we don't care about your past; we don't care about your flaws, the way you look, or what you wear. All we care about is YOU.

  • Acceptance 👍 – no more hiding 

  • Freedom 🗽 – judge free zone 

I guarantee it will help you start the healing process without press or judgment, and I also promise that we won’t focus you to do anything that you are not comfortable with this is a safe and supportive sisterhood or I'll cheerfully cancel your membership, no questions asked

Healing for My Sista is available now for only $39.99 a month.

But it won’t be at this low price for much longer, so don’t miss your chance to get it at this low price.